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Hi Their no update that i have seen is there still a schedule what is the newest estimated delay ?


Yea… I would also like to know. Its been very quite for a while.

Their last update on Kickstarter stated they would be receiving a prototype on March 20th and that we’d get an update in late March.

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Actually they updated after that with an additional month or two. Considering the whole world is on hold, this is understandable. Frustrating, but understandable.

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Dear all, we are sorry for the waiting. We expect to receive the prototype this week, it was delayed because of the COVID-19. Then we will start wiring and testing. We will publish an update after the work is done.

Besides the influence of COVID-19, we are also investigating and analyzing the status and focus of our software R&D plan as many of you have mentioned the safety and privacy of uploading the model to our server, there might be some changes. News about the software will be shared as well once the decision is made. Meanwhile, please stay home and stay healthy.


Thanks for the update Helen.

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Dear all, we have received the new prototype last Friday. There are some problems with the control board and the circuit, so we are taking extra time to troubleshoot the problems. After it is done, we will share the photo of the new prototype with you.

In the meantime, we are testing the packaging plan. Before we were planning to ship the printer in one piece but as the shipping price is much higher than what we collected from you, we are considering sending it disassembled. We are still testing the feasibility of both plans. If we will ship the printer disassembled, we will make sure that you can easily assemble within half an hour. What’s your opinion about this possible change? Please let us know.

Please stay safe and healthy.


I enjoy putting things together, but having something come assembled brings a peace of mind that things should already work the best they can. I won’t mind some assembly, as long as I feel assured that there isn’t much room for me to do anything that will lower the quality of my product. For example, little to no chance that the way I put a certain piece together results in a less accurate printer.


Hi Helen, thanks for the update.
I would not mind to assemble the whole machine from components. As long as there are some backup materials, like additional screws or caps, and detail assembly instruction, it will be a fun project to put it together. Another key thing to ship with disassembled parts is IVI required to provide a calibration process to ensure final print quality.

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Having gone through the process of setting up a couple printers I am more than willing to do that and help reduce cost as long as quality is not comprimised. Also with this process I would recommend sending extra parts to account for any lost screws or broken pieces. I would recommend a similar install process to the Ender 3 would be ideal. However the process for the Prusa MK3 was insanely complicated and took a bit of time to troubleshoot and will increase your need of support.

For example:
Simple but effective collapse: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/3dprintersbay/ender-3-deliverables/Ender+3+instructions+(1).pdf

Complex and multiple levels of install: https://manual.prusa3d.com/c/Original_Prusa_i3_MK3_kit_assembly

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Hi @steckdev thank you very much for your feedback. Most of the assembly will be finished in the factory. We will share the details of the packaging once it is finalized.


Hi @BrettJP, we understand your concern. The quality of IVI is the priority. We will conduct packaging testings to ensure transportation safety.


Hi @cxl113, thank you very much for your feedback. If the packaging is not fully pre-assembled, we will provide assembly instruction, calibration guide, spare screws and other needed parts to make sure you can assemble and use the printer smoothly. We will share the details of the packaging once it is finalized.


I would not mind it coming in pieces. Even if it takes an hour as long as the reliability of our prints will not be impacted.

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I agree with the sentiment of both @BrettJP and @BozonParticle.
What I specifically don’t want to have to do, especially on a delta with CNC capabilities, is tightening belts or eccentric nuts so that they are lined out just right. Those kind of things are great on a cheaper machine like a Creality cr10 but they do require a lot of time/experience to get just right. Seeing how your machine will be multipurpose, alignment and rigidity are much more crucial.

Needing 30 minutes for setup is not that big of an issue for most, as long as it’s straightforward and doesn’t require special tools or tightening something just right. Basically set-up shouldn’t allow for much user error.
Also if I would need more than 1 hour I would also be annoyed as I didn’t sign up for a kit and I think most backers will agree with that.

In short the three main points are:

  • Setup no longer than 1 hour
  • No/little room for user-error during set-up
  • No detriment to quality, for all functionality, due to user set-up

Helen, I have 2 Ender 3 Pros. If you send it mostly assembled with VERY detailed instructions and pictures and videos and tools, I don’t think people would have an issue with it.

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I’m also on the list of those who don’t mind a little “hands on” work. While not everyone would be able to go that route, if you put up a survey, I’d think the majority would be OK with it. And not just to get it sooner. Just the ownership of a 3D printer puts you in the category of “maker.” Having to re-assemble one, or finish the semi-complete assembly, would fall under the “getting to know it” category. But I do agree with the statements above; get the instructions written by the most OCD person in your group, and post videos of it being assembled for us to follow along with. This community has (mostly) banded together to support and encourage all of you at IVI; that camaraderie would no doubt extend to those of us who may have issues with re-assembly.

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If the shippping cost is no more than say $50, I’d be willing to pay it at this point for an assembled unit that prints out of box. My last printer was about 3 hr setup and I could never get it to level perfectly, (even with custom firmware allowing for 9 point leveling checks) and alignment issues and other imperfections. This is the main reason why I backed IVI for the ‘bulletproof-ness’ of the design. (I also had to get a part replaced as one broke in shipping with my old printer.)

However I would be willing to get it as a kit as long as setup is sufficiently short amount of time, no more than 30-60 mins, and the assembly is guaranteed to be printing perfectly in alignment after that, or with a simple configuration.


I also don’t mind assembling myself, as long as it doesn’t affect the print quality.


I don’t have a problem with assembly. I’ve assembled 2 cr-10s printers and enjoy the process.

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