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Status update after having difficulties

Hey Team,

Can you give us all a new prognose for the delivery of our printer?

Thanks a lot,



Est. Shipping: 12/2020


Only 14 months late! A bit disappointed!


These things happen in product development, and the covid situation didn’t help either…

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We’ll … its a good thing i did not hold my breath …

Im looking forward to finally printing out my own designed products … and some laser etching/cutting …

I almost gave up and bought a readily available printer …

A hot board is a poor excuse for a delay … that should have been noticed early on … IR camera’s are cheap.

@Tiffany we know there is alot going on but only updating us once a month and with minimum info and progress is starting to ware on the backers. In the beginning we had continual updates even if they were small. Now it seems like the backers are like mushrooms … keeped in the dark and fed crap. I have faith in IVI’s team and the dream of a amazing printer but we as backers are not only relying on you to provide us with am amazing printer regardless of the time frame but also to keep us in the loop. Just because the printer is a closed loop system doesn’t mean communication should be as well. I hope everyone is well with covid-19 issues and we understand delays but we need communication to make a great community and product.


Dear all, the last update was on 2 weeks ago. We are moving forward based on the progress we mentioned. There will be an update soon. Thank you for your patience.


I don’t feel any urgency from the updates because I know it’s still at least 6 months away till we get our printer. I honestly am only looking for an update on the PCB testing. I know that is the biggest hold up to the product. So it would be nice to know that you received the new pcb, that you are testing and then final results.


Hi @steckdev, noted. We will update the newest progress with you in the update coming soon, please stay tuned.

I’ve taken a more relaxed tone to all of this. I’m confident that the IVI team, augmented with the expertise of some of the backers, will identify a successful remedy for the current issues. Even though it’s way outside the initial finish date, these things are to be expected. The more complex the assembly, the greater the likelihood of unseen issues cropping up. I build business jets; new models can take years to be certified. My customers know this, and are very patient about “getting everything right.” We’ll all get thru this, and in time, will be sharing printer files that’ll push our IVI to its limit. Just like everyone else here, I’d like to have mine right now. I’m gonna be happier knowing that when it does show up (and notice I didn’t say “if”), it’ll be more attuned to the long haul, rather than being rushed.


Understanding and patience from you are much appreciated. :heart:


I am very thankful for the experienced backers that contributed their time and expertise solving these difficult issues. Maybe we can find a way to recognize their contributions?

Hi @sbo, we plan to ship some souvenirs along with their IVI to show our gratitude. Do you have any ideas to share?

An embossed certificate with the name of all the backers would be wonderful. To have something that is official with each of the backer’s name would go a long way.
Another option is a video where you read of each of the backers similar to how they do this in podcasts for their “Patreon” pages.

Off subject but another item I did want to bring up was adding a “Flush Wire Cutters” as part of the kit. I have loved these! They greatly improve the ability to make the prints look cleaner and help with cleaning up supports. I’m not sure on cost on your side but they do add to the “full kit” feeling.

Hi @steckdev, thank you for those wonderful ideas, we will definitely consider them!