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Status Update [Early February]

Dear IVIers,

The spring festival is getting close, we will be on holiday from 7th-17th February (UTC/GMT+08:00). Thus we share the latest news with you before we start the holiday.

Ⅰ. Shipping of the trial-produced printers

The printers were loaded to the shipping company two weeks ago. We confirmed the beta test program and shipping information with the first 21 beta adopters on 27th January and shipment departed from the original port on 3rd February. We look forward to receiving more user feedback from beta adopters in March.

Loading to the shipping company

Ⅱ. Mass production preparation

Cost optimization: we plan to start cost optimization based on the raw material and production after we get back to work from the holiday. Currently, the cost of each printer is excessive.

Molding up-gradation: Some molds we made are soft molds, which means we need to upgrade them to the final hard molds for mass production.

We will try our best to finish cost optimization and molding up-gradation in March.

Ⅲ. Financial Status

The negotiation with the investor is continuing. We will share the final result once we finished the negotiation.


IVI Team


So close now. I’m getting excited!

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Happy lunar new year team! I’m very excited to see my IVI 3D printer soon and appreciate all the effort you’ve all put into it. Out of excitement, I’ve been building up my workspace to accommodate the printers I have and your printer to arrive soon. I can’t wait to show it all off when my IVI finds its place there!


Looking forward to hearing about how things are going with negotiations and production as you get back into the swing of things after your holiday. I am very much looking forward to the printer.

Hi @Abnormalus , we already got back to work from holiday. We will share progress in the next update. :slight_smile:


Hi team! I’ve had a few questions come to mind that I’d like to share for you to consider in your next update.

  • Once you ramp up and enter mass production, are you planning to begin shipping once you’ve completed production, or will you handle shipping in waves?
  • Have you been able to decide on a plan regarding the shipping of add-on items? If they need to be shipped separately at a later time, will that mean we might have to pay for additional shipping and/or customs fees?
  • Is there any update yet regarding shipment of the 21 trial produced printers?

Hi Brett,

Noted. Thank you for putting forward these questions. The 21 trial produced printers already arrived at LA port this week. After pick up and clearance, they will be dispatched to delivery address. It should be early March or mid March.


Hi Team,
Hi @Tiffany ,

Going further on the question of @BrettJP: if you are going to deliver in waves will the waves be divided between the US and the EU (and the rest of the world)? I’ve read somewhere that you would first fulfill all the pledges to the US. I get that you will have to ship a full container to keep the shipping cost manageable, but I would assume that the order of backing is followed a bit so that the backers from the EU who supported you from the start aren’t later in line then the late®/last US backers?

Kind regards,

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Hi @jonathansmet , thank you for sharing your thought. We fully understand it. We will keep following the order of backing and taking the shipping cost into consideration.
There were only 2 backers who are non-US-based in the first 21 backer group. And the shipping cost for 2 units to the EU is way too high, thus we ship them to the US.

When you say EU do you still consider UK as part of the EU ? My friends down south (England) decided to drag the Scots out of the EU and while they say we have a free trade deal with the EU that is obviously not the reality of the situation and there are new legal requirements and costs with transporting items into the UK from overseas. Will this affect your deliveries to the UK ?

Hi Tiffany,
I’m in Australia, how many backers from Australia were there?
Was there enough of us to make shipping costs reasonable?
What about smaller destinations? Do you have plans for delivery for these?

Best regards & thanks to all the team.

Hello when will the early march update will be a fact?

The answer to your first question can be found in the Community page on the Kickstarter campaign. It shows there were 67 backers from Australia. Keep in mind that 181 backers pledged for a tier without rewards, so the number of backers in Australia who pledged for a reward may be smaller than 67.

Here’s a screenshot of what you’ll see there.

Hi @david.teuns , we will publish the March update in a few days.

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Hi @lesdrury , you can take the answer from @BrettJP as a reference.
Regarding the shipping to AU, I will share it with you after we got confirmation from the shipping company.
The cost-effective way is bulk shipping to AU and then deliver locally. Just like the shipment to the US.

@Starfrog Thank you for your reminder. We need to check with the shipping company for the newest policy, and I will get back to you after I got a reply from them.

What does “negotiation with the investor” mean exactly?

Is there going to be extra charges for those that supported this project to receive a working IvI printer?

Hi @kc7noa , “negotiation with the investor” means we need to negotiate with the investor to confirm the details of cooperation, including rights and obligations.
You will need to pay the customs tax to receive the IVI 3D printer when your printer is shipped out.