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Status Update [Early May]

Dear IVIers,

It has been almost a month since we found the problem with the control board and started plans on resolving it. In this update, we will share the status of the plans and the work of other groups.

  1. Redesign of the Control Board

Our hardware engineer has completed the components selection, schematic design. He is working on the layout, which should be completed by May 15. In the meantime, two backers (Josh & Robin) with profound experience in electronic hardware are helping to review the PCB design. We have received their detailed first-round feedback. And we are deeply grateful for their kindness and help. The new control board is planned to be completed by late May. If everything goes well, we can start the functional test then.

  1. Outsourcing of the Control Board

The external team has completed the components selection, schematic design, layout & PCB processing. They are soldering now which is expected to be completed by May 15. If everything goes well, they will start the functional test then.

  1. LCD

All the development of the LCD is advancing as scheduled. The first beta version is scheduled to be completed by early June. Then we will have it test on the printer, of course with the control board problem solved.

  1. Slicer

All the development of the slicer is also advancing as scheduled. The first beta version is still scheduled to be completed by early June as well.

  1. Mechanical Hardware

80% of the mechanical hardware is completed and waiting for the functional test of the whole printer. The other 20% includes the following issues.

A. We are still improving the design of the print head for auto bed leveling.

B. A new metal plate base, a new metal plate base cover, and a new metal plate top front door are being produced (they were plastic before), we are expecting to receive them by late May.

  1. Testing and Production

The testing engineer is testing part of the functionality of the heated bed and the print head. He is also gathering information and requirement for certification of the printer and evaluating the risks with potential suppliers based on the current prototypes we have. The NPI engineer is working on the production and assembly cost evaluating and forecasting, preparing assembly SOP, evaluating assembly factories, etc.

  1. Team Introduction

As suggested by a backer a few days ago, here is a brief introduction of our team at the moment. We have 19 team members in total now. You can find most of them in this video. Some have left because of various reasons and there are new team members joining in. No matter what, we will keep working hard for our shared dream.

Thank you all for your continuous understanding, patience, and support. Please stay safe and strong.


Thank you for the update we greatly appreciate it. I hope everyone is doing well at this time and I personally cant wait to get my hands of a phenomenal price of equipment.

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Hi everybody,

I would just like to thank Tiffany and the rest of the team @IVI for accepting Josh and I’s help in reviewing the revised Control Board designs and layout, please be assured that I will endeavour to help keep this project on track, and where ever possible offer advice and technical support for the guy’s @IVI.

I the mean time stay safe everybody lets all work together and please be positive…




Thanks so much for the detailed report. You art doing fine and actually BETTER than Tesla as I ordered mine months ago and all I got was the silly Tesla wall charger. And… Tesla does not give detailed reports like you do. So, you are in good company and doing “better” than Tesla in my view. Both will be fun to have when they are done. I have complete confidence in you and your team!

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It looks like you have some help in the PCB realm, but if you would like another experienced eye for the layout review I can help. @Tiffany

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Wow - I really appreciate you both putting in work for this project! What a fantastic way to show your support :heart:

Thank you for the update Tiffany!

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Hi @NilartPax, yes, thank you so much for your offer. Please send email to tiffany@ivi3d.com, I will send you files.

Ps any idea on the timeline for redesigning the PCB and delivery of first prototype of the pcb?

Hi @bob, the redesign of the control board is finished and we expect to receive the first prototype of the PCB in the next 2 weeks.


hello i know you guys are working hard since last and we all have been together in the ups and downs of project IVI, still i just want to know by when can i expect the deliveries as i have taken a bank loan and the interest is piling up.

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Why do people keep setting up plans with kickstarter projects

Hi @Tiffany, great news for the control board. From your previous post, there was a “outsource PCB”, and expected coming back on May 15. What’s the status for that one? Any good news about the testing? And what’s the difference between outsourcing PCB and in house design PCB?

Hi @sandesh, we are sorry that we haven’t figure out a new timeline yet. But we can see that there are lots of work to be done ahead of us, including PCB testing, prototype testing, die casting & modeling, trial production & testing, mass production & testing, etc. It is a long long way to go, but we are moving forward as fast as we can.

Hi @cxl113,

  1. Outsourced PCB is under testing at the supplier. We expect to receive the stable version in 1-2 weeks and then start debugging connected with the printer;
  2. Both in-house designed PCB and outsourced PCB are designed based on function needs. We try to save time and guarantee the result by developing 2 boards in case one of them has critical design defect and affect the progress.

Thank you @Tiffany. These are all great news. Look forward to June status update in a few weeks.

No offense buddy everyone has their own reasons since i wanted to own IVI which was promised/expected to be delivered by last christmas so i took up a loan and have paid the amount I dunno from which country you are for u the Backed amount must be negligible but for me the the amount is directly multiplied into 70(on an average due to conversion from dollar to rupee) which is huge plus the interest going on and what is wrong in me asking for a timeline the thing is i cant cant wait till next year i am expecting it by this year end to be max. as said before i have my issues and I am just asking the expected timeline JUST CHILL!!


Glad to see the update on the PCB and the work you have done with other backers. That has been a huge concern for many people and hope to hear the news regardless of good or bad on the results. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your team that these ones meet the functional needs.

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@steckdev, thank you! :heart: We will update you with the news soon~

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Sorry and no it wasn’t completely negligible almost a third my monthly income, I’m sorry if I offended you. I only said what I said due to an event where we had another guy who was threatening to sue for his money back due to not receiving the printer when originally promised and he had lined up jobs that required the printer before it arrived based on the time line and it went on for a while.

There is nothing wrong with asking when it will be finished and for a new timeline, we are all curious as to that. So again sorry if I offended you or made you upset, we should both “just chill” as in this thread we can see that we will both be updated soon

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