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Status Update [Late December]

Dear IVIers,

Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: and happy new year :tada:! Here is some news and answers on some common questions to share with you:

Ⅰ. Shipping time for trial-produced IVIs

IVI 3D printers with packages

To lower the risks, we plan to ship 2 units to backers in China firstly to verify the quality and shipping safety. If there is no critical problem found, we will ship the rest 21 units to beta adopters according to the order sequence as soonest. If there is any critical problem found, like shipping damage, we will solve the problem first and then ship them out.

As for the pick of backers in China, we found there are only 3 backers who ordered IVI with all the modules, thus we contact them for testing. 2 of them responded and they are willing to conduct testing in 1 week (after public holidays).

We’ve shipped 1 unit to a backer located in China and will ship the second unit within this week. The time for first-round feedback is 1 week. Thus the rest 21 units will be shipped out around Mid Jan.

We figure this way can lower down the risk of shipping damage, especially when it comes to shipping globally. And we hope you can understand the extra waiting time caused by it.

Ⅱ. Shipping time for mass-produced IVIs

Estimated shipping time for mass-produced IVI 3D printer can be offered after we started mass production and figured the monthly production capacity.

Ⅲ. Shipping address update & Add-on purchase

If you want to update your shipping address, please send an email to support@ivi3d.com.

As for the add-on, we figure it is better to open this option later after there is product feedback from the beta adopters. By then, you will be more informed about the add-ons from the customer’s perspective.

Ⅳ. Financial Status
There are several potential investors interested in us so far, but the deal cannot be closed shortly. We are still in the negotiation phase with most potential investors. We showed trial-produced printers to one of them in the factory last week.

Ⅴ. First 21 beta adopter list

How to know your backer number, please refer to the solution from @jens.cole and shared publicly by @BrettJP:

Kindly note that we will have public holidays from 1st - 3rd January 2021 for the celebration of New Year. Again, we wish all of you a happy new year and start a wonderful 2021. :smiley:

IVI Team


What an exciting update to receive, and a real milestone to see units ship! I know there’s still a ways to go, but congratulations on reaching this point!

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Regarding the units that will ship internationally in January, are you able to offer any estimates about delivery and customs times, assuming the two local test shipments go smoothly?

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Backer #4 on the list🥳 can’t wait to test it in January!


This is positive news!

Are others in the early beta test pledge group going to be receiving units prior to the mass production or is it only the first 21 mentioned above that are able to provide feedback before mass production ensues?


Is the attached link for finding your backer number not working for anyone else? Whenever I click the link it tells me the post is non existent or private.

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Looks like the link leads to a post in the beta adopter forum section, which would explain why some can’t see it. What the post describes is how to check your backer number from the Kickstarter campaign page.

From the post by @jens.cole:

You can check your backer number by going to the project page on Kickstarter:

Then when you are signed in, at the top, there should be something to click for “View Pledge”. The pop-up will show you what backer number you are.
The number is based on the chronological order that people backed the project for any pledge amount, so the number won’t show you which place you are in line for Early Beta Adopter until IVI releases the list.

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@Tiffany, What are your plans for the rest of the beta adopters?



Aw cmon… im 215 and i still need it for my business :sleepy:


Does anyone else notice that the handles on the boxes look like the same ones used for the Arcade1Up :wink: Although I’m just excited that some people are getting them and hopefully get some good traction.

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This is exciting !!!

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Hi Tiffany,

Just wondering if the Backers who help with some of the design issue along the way would get their printer a little bit earlier as a gesture of good faith and to show appreciation for their help and time spent along the way with this project.
I’m sure the other backers would support this now that the printer is now in production!


This is a great news. Looking forward to receiving my IVI soon.

Thank you very much for your path to view one’s backer number. I’m following your path to view my backer number but am not seeing a number. Any advice???

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@heagertyg, this image is from the IVI 3D campaign page on Kickstarter’s desktop web page (make sure you’re signed in with the account you used to back the project). The red box shows the button you’re looking for. If you click that, a box will pop up with details about your pledge, and your overall backer number will be the last row.

Another way to find that number is in your email. The first email you receive when you back any project on Kickstarter should include your backer number.


Thanks! I found it!!


Great news.
What about people (like me xD) who place an order with backerkit?

Hi @pierre.baret, don’t worry, you are on the customer list.

Hi @gdellis , happy new year! Regarding the shipping of the other beta units, we will ship them as soon as we finish the production according to the order sequence basically. Since the shipping cost for a single unit is too high, thus we need to ship these printers in batch, one batch to the US, and the next batch to the EU.