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Status Update [Late March]

Hi @sandesh , thank you for your suggestion. We are open to Indian investment.

Perhaps the last time I trust kickstarter.would have been easier to set the money on fire. I have been most paitent.


please search for them there are many who would be willing you can pitch it on their websites

please give us an update I’m literally losing it its a huge sum i took as loan and I invested and confirmed before investing please give us something to hope for

Monthly updates, even if things are uncertain would still be very appreciated, last (kickstarter) update was now 1 month ago.


Yeah, would be nice, even if it is simply, “Still here, still chipping away,” @Tiffany any word?


Where has all our money gone? Since I haven’t had my printer after two years, I want all my money back. Backer #1039.

Scumbags plain and simple. I want my shipping money refunded. That you can’t steal even under kickstarter.

Hello, the darkest hour it’s just before dawn. I do hope you guys keep going and I get the product I paid for.
Best regards


For what i can see it’s been 6 week from the latest update and everything seems died.
Some reply (of already 19 days ago), no update, also my request for entering the Facebook group is still suspended (and Facebook says that there aren’t any new entering people from over a month)

The website isn’t changed or show some alert of what is the real status of this project. Only the preorder are disabled.

It’s seems like on friday 19/03/2021 Ivi office has closed until a further advice.
Like everything has being closed from morning to evening and leaved.

So in this moment i can’t think anything of positive.

Best regard

Where’s that update?

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No, it’s a way for scam artists to con dupes out of our hard earned money.

1.) Kickstarter is not an investment site. You would have never gotten a financial return from this project if it was successful. This is not like stock.
2.) Never take out debt if you are not sure you can pay it.
3.) Only risk money you can afford to lose.

If you really need to, you may want to consider restructuring your debt, or selling assets.

Hmm @Tiffany or @Helen

It is really time to share some updates if the current situation.

The website is not reachable again and both Helen and Tiffany were last seen in the forum (online) in the middle of April. So 2 - 3 weeks ago.

I guess in the end it seems like they do not care to tell us that the project met its end. Sad.

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