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Status Update [Mid-July]

Dear IVIers,

We upgraded the rest 6 prototypes in early July as planned. Currently, we are busy with the joint debugging and testing of the final prototypes. The comprehensive testing is time-consuming. Please give us some extra time to get a final conclusion for the testing. Every sector related to product design is working tightly with the testing group to debug, offer solutions, and coordinate with other groups for joint problems.

We will update you with the testing result once we completed the testing.


Thanks for the update.

it is getting more and more exciting. good to see a lot of debugging. it all comes together now.


Can you please provide pictures?

Web software
New circuit board

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Hi @steckdev, pictures/data will be demonstrated in the next update. We are crazy busy recently. The testing and problem-solving are time-consuming and energy-consuming. Even the content team got involved in the testing to speed up the whole project. That’s why we published such a brief update to let you know that we are still working hard on the testing.


Thanks Tiffany! We are excited but reserved in quiet exuberance to hear the results from your testing.

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Hi @mcenal, thank you for your understanding and patience. :slight_smile:

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We (at least I do) appreciate a well tested Final product, even if it take some time. I hope you are not running out of funds.


'd rather have something tested and proven then sooner

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I’m glad to hear the new prototypes are being tested now. I’ve been waiting a while for this project and am excited to see the results of the tests. I believe we all would agree in saying that we rather have a product that takes a bit more time but is quality than one that is rushed.


Hello, if pre-order sales say it will be delivered in December 2020, can we deduce that our IVI is expected to be delivered before that date?

Hi Fermin, yes, pre-orders will be fulfilled after the fulfillment of the Kickstarter campaign.


Hi, @Tiffany there are good news?
Thanks for your feedback.

Can we get another update. I would love a more detailed explanation of where we are at and where we are going on the prototypes and the full manufacturing process.

Hi @Fermin, sorry for my late reply. The new update is the feedback. I assume you read it, right? We should be able to give a revised timeline after molding cooperation confirmed.