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Stretch Goals Rewards

Dear Backers,

As a startup company, we know that we cannot thank you enough for your trust. To express our gratitude and appreciation to all the backers who have not only chose to back us but also openly and enthusiastically shared your thoughts, doubts, suggestions, and ideas with us, we set up 2 stretch goals during the campaign, also 2 rewards based on backer’s preference accordingly. With all your supports and efforts, both of them were unlocked! Each Kickstarter backer who pledged $299 or more will get the rewards! Below is the stretch goal reward information for your reference in case you are not clear about it.

Stretch goal No.1 rewards:

PS: We will confirm with you your preference for the 0.5 kg spool of 1.75 filament or 3 wooden boards for laser engraving during the Pledge Manager survey.

Stretch goal No.2 rewards:

PS: This camera can be used for monitoring the printing process.


I was told to pledge $1 at the time since I wasn’t getting paid till a day after the campaign ended, and was told to wait for the survey so I can update my goal to the Christmas gift one for $369 I think it was, while I also get the stretch goals rewards if I update it in that survey?

Hi MegaBaka, you can get the stretch goals rewards as long as you pledged $299 or more during the Pledge Manager survey. :slight_smile:

What is the timeline for the Pledge Manager survey? For a moment I was wondering if I had missed something critical.

Hi DonFL, the Pledge Manager survey shall be sent out at the end of June or sooner, please get ready. :slight_smile:

Im so excited for the camera add in. Its going to make youtube videos much easier. But if i could recommend one thing. Please done use low image quality cameras. The better the image quality the better.


Hi BozonParticle, thanks for your suggestion. We will consider the image quality as a critical factor.


But Super Early Backers will still receive the stretch rewards right?

Early backers will receive all upgrades and add on’s as the development progresses.

Hi Insanion, yes, all backers pledged US$299 or more will receive the stretch rewards.

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Hi BozonParticle, yes, all Very Early Beta Adopters will receive upgrades and add-ons as the development progresses.

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Hey thanks and sorry, I had the Euro number in mind, not the dollar. My fault. :man_facepalming:

At least 1080P and a big aperture opening (f1.8 or so) so that lots of light can enter it for good low light recordings would be nice :slight_smile:

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Hi Insanion, never mind. You are welcome.

Top !
Little question : The camera will can scan 3D object too ?

Hi Techdragonz, 1080P won’t be a problem. As for the aperture, it depends on the functional requirements. We will keep you updated.

Hi dutilleulmarc, the camera is for monitoring printing. And there is a possibility that it can be used to scan 3D objects. We will keep you updated.

Got the survey, what are the dimensions, type of wood etc of the 3 engraving boards?

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When receiving the survey, I did not see an option for a buiilt-in camera? is this because it is included in the unit and would not be displayed on the survey?

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I am very excited for 3D scan capabilities, but I have no idea how that could happen with one static camera meant for monitoring only. I have two 3D scanners that have multiple cameras and/or lasers and are unfortunately pieces of junk. I could not get one usable scan after weeks of trying. The 3D scanner module could have some promise since it can move around the object, but it might have a hard time calculating the cloud points unless the lighting conditions are ideal or dynamic. Models that have glossy surfaces are very hard to scan. Half the problem is the physical scan design and the other problem is the software. I still have hope though.