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Stretch Goals Rewards

Hi jacob, the built-in camera is a stretch goal reward to all the backers. Thus it is included in the unit.


Hi Turbo, thank you for sharing. 3D scanning function is not easy to realize indeed, and we put your opinion along with other backers’ into consideration. Currently, we plan to realize this function by combining 1-2 physical cameras with professional algorithm and laser theory possible. And we are working on this. More details will be disclosed after we achieved further progress on this project.


Awesome. I do believe that 2 cameras are necessary just as it takes two eyes for humans/animals to gauge proper distance. If you have a laser line in the middle, you can calculate the where it is based on trigonometry from the two cameras. If part of the laser line is invisible to one camera, you know there is a concave area on the other side and still gather information from the other camera.

The 3D scanners I have only have 1 camera and they are unable to capture anything useful. There is a big market for a consumer 3D scanner that works. The only ones that seem to work are $2500+.

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Hi Turbo, you have a deep insight. We will try our best to bring out a consumer 3D scanner that break the barrier of functionality and price.

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Hi Alan here, @Tiffany

How do I get involved with this Stretch Goal Rewards?

This is my 1st KS investment of about $700…

Hi Alan, sorry that the Stretch Goal is a program during Kickstarter campaign, and it has ended in May 2019. We will work out more events/promotions to you in the future. :wink:

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