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[Testing] IVI CNC Carving Wood

Dear IVIers,

As mentioned in our last update, we tested IVI CNC carving 2.5D models.

Beautiful relief by IVI

Below are the settings of this test.

Material: Wood

Diameter: 78.5 mm

Height: 9.5 mm

Carving depth: 4 mm

Rough carving part #1

Bits: 2mm end mill

Time: 2.5 hours

Rough carving part #2

Bits: 2mm end mill

Time: 1.5 hours

Fine carving

Bits: 0.3mm 30°Engraving Bits

Time: 4 hours


What type of wood was used here?

Nice. Just saw the update on Kickstarter
@Andy you should put this into another category instead of General. Maybe like Announcement / Update kind of Category ? With CNC sub-category.

I’m completely new to CNC carving, but I’ll be getting the module with my printer. I know I’ve seen things like cutting paths and different passes talked about in other places online. Is there going to be something included in the cloud software for tool paths, or do I need to use a specific program?

That’s super cool. It does make a lot of mess. What are you guys thinking for clean up and control of the debris? And is there any concern about the dust and debris getting under the heated bed and causing problems when it switches to 3D print?

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Apparently a modification to the housing is in the works. I’m not sure of what the actual plans are, but I assume it will allow us to attach a vacuum or some other dust collecting device to the IVI.

Fume extraction will not help much with debris from CNC but additional nozzle silicon flexible tube extractor fan (moded) aka hoover :wink: should help.

I still would like to see it CNC some PCB.


What materials will it eventually be working on ? Other than wood ?

Hi All,

Robin here I have a couple of questions re: CNC carving;

  1. Whats the spindle speed used for the first pass?

  2. Secondly, will the time taken to run the whole carving be improved?


I think we need a vacuum extractor holder. Else it’s pretty messy inside the chamber.

Yes, we will add this to the final IVIs.

The spindle speed is about 10560RPM( The motor is KV880, the power supply is 12V).

Yes, the cutting speed was not the highest, we will test the best cutting parameters for different materials later.

Wow Great! But where to vacuum pipe goes? From the top?

Ohh would really like to see that too. Its a nice feature being able to do that , but I have no concerns that it will work.


@Nxt97yea but how far will it go ?

Ideally, Vacuum should be from the side, so the particles don’t spread up…

Yeah, I agree, CNC etching PCBs was by far the biggest reason I backed IVI (I already have a great 3D printer), I’d love to see a demonstration of it working, and an example of the final product