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Time for an update

Got an update as of April 15, 2020? Good karma dictates some reasonable communication.


Agreed!!! It has been a long time

Curious myself… these are tough times trying to be patient.

There was a mention of Late April about 5 days ago on this thread, and the most recent update about 18 hrs ago. Looks to be some debugging of boards problem as linked below.

Frankly we should get our monies back. Should have just bought a Snapmaker. All these delays are BEYOND irresponsible and the lack of communication is disrespetful.

Have you ever backed a hardware project on Kickstarter? This is about as expected.


I support both projects and Snapmaker is a great machine. I thought I would have my IVI about 4 months before my Snapmaker and now neither Very Early, only Beta Adopter and we are still waiting for the timeline. I am concerned about the lack of reference dates for months, but now I prefer my printer to money (maybe in July or August last year it would be different). :thinking::man_shrugging:t2: