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TweoTrees 3D Printer - Core XY + Z (Cube shape Delta)

Was browsing for a Core XY or Quadrap 3D Printer and found this.

Seems like is one of TwoTrees old model that didnt even get into the international market ?! IDK.

But what seems interesting (and innovative) is that, besides being a Core XY, cube shape 3d printer, the hotend also moves in the Z-axis (thats what it said in the website) where the bed stays static like a delta printer.

Thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss.


Two Trees is actually the parent company of the now-defunct East3D, who famously made the Gecko CoreXY. I have one, but am scavenging it for parts as I build a BLV-MGN CoreXY.

The printer you linked is basically the Gecko CoreXY which was discontinued at the end of 2018 with East3D and in Q1 by Two Trees.

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Thanks for the info. I didnt know about the Gecko CoreXY. Only search about it now and found a few videos about it. So the whole XY moves in Z axis? Was it a bad design that produce bad prints?

Hows your BLV-MGN going? What build size are you going with?
Found one with affordable price and still acceptable parts used in it. If you are interested.

The Gecko was a great, if somewhat complicated idea. IMO, one choice they made was a fatal flaw. That flaw was using composite aluminum panels. Both the floor of the printer (which held the bed) and the Z gantry (which held the XY rails, carriage, print head, etc, were made of that. The problem is that over time, the panels began to flex.

One of the big contributors on the Facebook Gecko group had actually done a redesign of the floor and gantry using 2020 & 2040 extrusions, along with dual Z motors. But he never actually published it, and now the group is a ghost town. I think I may one day try to implement his ideas.

I’ve got all the parts (except panels) for my BLV, including finishing printing most of those parts two months ago. But, I’ve chosen to use a triple-Z self leveling system created by a third party. It seems like it will be a great system, but it’s been a WIP for a while and the guy did not document some specialty parts required to finish it. I finally got a DXF for the back panel and it will arrive this Tuesday.

At this point, I’ve got the Z and Y installs complete and should finish the X rail and carriage kinematics this weekend. Soon enough, I can start mounting electronics and proceed with the wiring.

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I see. Didnt know there was such a printer about Gecko.

About your BLV, what type of panels are you using? Acrylic? Composite Aluminium Panel?

Triple-Z axis with self leveling using Linear Guide Rails?

Nice, hope you publish some photos or videos about it :slight_smile:
Looks like a good DIY project to start :slight_smile: