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Updates, please

You’ve been silent for a month. If you have failed, just admit it to us, so we can finish with this whole charade.

But please, just update us. I just want you to be honest. I’d rather you just tell us if you’ve failed instead of leading us on and withholding information.


@Tiffany please. Just be upfront with us, because we’ll figure it out anyways.


There will be no update. They fled.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts that were their officials (linked in the forum still) are also deleted similar to the website.

It was a nice dream but lessons learned they burned the money, had a great time with it and are now gone. Also on LinkedIn Andy is the only person that is still an employee of ivi 3d.

Im really angry about this. They should’ve atleast returned the shipping money…


Backer 186. It is very frustrating. I’m sad. I’m sad because my 13-year-old son (now 15) researched this project extensively and fully believed in the possibility. His mom (me) was the cynic. I didn’t want to do this because I was concerned nothing would come to fruition. I’m sad that I was right and he was wrong since he spent his own hard-earned money on it. He’s even added to this forum (under my name) with corrections to various things and made requests that have been responded to. He’s a whiz with all things computer and engineering and I don’t understand what he says most of the time. He believed in this project even when I insisted he could lose all of his money. He’s been so excited about it all. I hate being right.


Damn… there’s always snapmaker. Get into $DOGE, do it well, and you’ll have a 3D printer, for real this time.

I’ve also been looking at jobs for teaching coding, you can go look at linkedIn. They pay alright, $15/hr. High school education is preferred.

Yeah I thought the other 2 don’t have LinkedIn. Send me their profiles?

Haven’t found them. But strange enough that Ivi is listed there with just one employee.

Well, LinkedIn isn’t big in China, so it’s not actually that bad. I’m was actually more surprised that ivi had a presence on LinkedIn

Well, true.
However that they put down some of their social media accounts while others from them are still available, likewise with the homepage that is gone I honestly believe they leave us in the cold.

While I too am frustrated with the lack of information there official accounts are all still up and running. I check them every day and as of this moment there twitter Instagram and Facebook are all still active. Filled with upset people just like there are here on there forum page. There websight may be down but it is not a “no domain” error just a timed out error, Same thing had happened last month with there web sight.

All hope is not lost, and it costs you nothing to try to be positive . Dont hold your breath thatt it will come but you never know when it comes to kickstarters. There have been projects that seemed to die only to come back to life overnight.

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Dont mislead people. That was never IVI 3D Twitter. This is
IVI 3D Printer (@ivi3dprinter) / Twitter](https://twitter.com/ivi3dprinter)


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Before accusing me of misleading people you may want to try the IVI Twitter link at the bottom of THIS page :wink:

Being honest I gave up hope part way through got an ender 3, but I am upset but I knew what I was getting myself into, someone message the people who have reviewed it in YouTube and tell them what this company did

Okay I have to retake my post, it seems the social media sides are there.

However as I said as well, and it was also mentioned in the previous post, I took a look at the social media sites which are linked to this forum here, at the bottom of this website.

I remember these links were working but now ain’t as they lead to different profiles.

A good thing is their website is back again.

However that they completely went silent and the website not being reachable for several days, no updates for weeks and everything else I am really scared and sadly into believe that our investment is gone for good.

I have heard from the team.
Negotiations are still in progress.
They haven’t forgotten about us.

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Sorry for my curiosity, but can you give us any proof of the contact and why they answered you instead of all the others?

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I guess I’m just lucky?
They can’t seem to provide detailed information, so I would resist the urge to spam them with more questions.


Thank you for sharing this gives me some hope and that the site is back up. I had bought in that it was over. Going to put on some positivity and hold out for the best! I still think its going to be a great tool.

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Thanks for this, would have been nice if they could have just giving a quick update and said something like:
“Sorry for the delay, still talking and negotiating with an/several interested party/parties. We can’t give more information until the negotiations are finished as it could negatively impact the negotiations.”