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Updates, please

This could be taken as positive and also as a negative thing, if they ran out of money then the investor / investors could take over the whole company / project and just basically screw us over. They don’t necessarily have to give us anything if they don’t see fit. I just find it odd that waited until they ran out of money to find an investor, they should have done that from the time the campaign ended. Bad money management…

The twitter is up, this site is up, the website is up.

I just posted earlier already in this very topic that I partially retake my post?

Happy to see they have said something to J_T it appears but i would really love to see an official statement like that.

It is back up! And for some reason they have a very old comment of mine in a showcase of backers who support them? I mean I havent fully lost hope but fuck that’s odd

Please provide us with some updates! This is getting beyond frustrating!!

Proof or it didn’t happen.

You’re right. That’s why I posted proof.
See the post I made just under the one you’re replying to.
It’s a screen shot with date and time.

I wouldn’t call that proof. That is so simple it’d be trivial to fake. Not saying you would, only that is not really convincing.

If these people actually cared about doing the right thing, they’d publicly post to the whole forum, not randomly to one person.


Hello @Tiffany / @Helen, could you please post a june status update.
Best regards


Hello @Tiffany / @Helen, could you please post a August status update.
Best regards


They logged in yesterday guys! We may get some answers!


There have been sightings previously, but then, nothing past that.

Gut says, if they had anything good to report, they’d at least put it out there, even if its “we’re still trying to make something happen…will tell more when we can”. We’re not talking a multi-million dollar buyout of some major global player, this is simply, a struggling start-up that got in over their head and is now desperate for money…they could certainly share some basics if there was anything going on.

My guess is they are half-heartedly looking for funding, but finding out the well is pretty dry for someone in their situation.

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IVI team,
we are backers, and understand the risk backing a project. We knew your team already developed a nice machine, but unfortunately ran out of funding to mass production. So don’t worry about refund or something else. Just give us an update. Even officially ending the project is better than vanishing without a word.