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If you have any questions or ideas or suggestions for IVI, this is the right place for you.

First thing first, say “hello” to everyone in here.

This is a sample one:
Hi everyone,
I’m Andy from China, I love 3d printing and making things.

Besides, we established a Facebook group for you to contact each other, welcome to join in.
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Hi fellow Printer fans !

I currently use 2 other 3d printers but cant wait to get the IVI and start to use it with all its additional features. Liking the way the IVI team are being involved with this project and looking forward to the delivery of the working product. Feature I would like to see is the ability to 3d scan in items so that I can print new items via the 3d scan.


Howdy all, the IVI will be my first step into 3D printing and I’m more than excited to get my hands on one! I agree with Starfrog and believe a 3D scanning capability would be ideal if at all possible!

Thanks for the forum and all the great work you’ve done with the kick-starter and IVI product so far!

Steve from Texas


Hi @Starfrog, I’d like to know what kind of printers you have right now. How about the experience regarding using them? :grinning:

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Thanks, we will keep on hard working.


Hey Everyone,
Nathan from Canada here. I’ve been pretty excited for this printer since I saw it on Joel’s channel.
I’ve been involved in 3d printing for about 5 years now. I currently run a Formbot Raptor 2 and a Longer LK2. I’m also in the middle of starting up my own filament brand.


Hey everyone,

Im really happy about this project, currently using an ender 3 with some upgrades… but its not really user friendly to work with. Like I got my way using it, changing things, levelling the bed all day, … But when my father try’s to use the ender 3 its a mess :slight_smile: so together we backed on the IvI 3d Printer, hopefully the ivi will be without the “mess” :blush:


Tim from USA here. Since I got two 3D printers (XYZ coordinates), that would be my first delta 3D printer!


Great @nathan Really looking forward to your filament.


I’m to guess we are going to post here from now on instead of the kickstarter page?


Hi, @davidwanj either will be OK.


Hello everyone!

I was originally interested in IVI long ago (doing the email refer thing) just for the price of the 3D printer. I loved it as things were added to the explanations such as more print head sizes, laser cutting and engraving. I pledged for a IVI system with 2 print heads (default +1), the higher powered laser head, and the carving module. I plan to use this machine to expand upon my business, doing some of the ideas I have had for years, so I am very excited for this.

I love all the updates that have been coming up. I am still concerned with one huge question though. How will the fumes from the high powered laser be handled? Will I need to purchase an expensive vent system? I don’t have a warehouse to safely not worry about that, so will the machine have to be outside if I cannot find a vent system? Or will it be fine? All of the cooling answers have solely been towards the 3D printing, so I would like some answers towards the laser.

Thank you for your time to everyone whom reads this!!


Hello guys (and girls :wink: ),

I have a weakness for technology. Especially when it comes to 3D printers. I currently own an Anycubic Predator (delta) and a JGaurora A5 (cartesian). I have also owned a lot of other machines like the FLSUN QQ’s.

I use them to print for my DIY projects, schoolprojects and my small print service. e.g. I created a model of an automated door that detects when someone would be between the door. Fully 3D printed :smiley: It was a fun project powered by arduino. Learning how to go from nothing to a fully working maquette.

There was one thing missing though…Actually 2 things… The CNC and the laser…However I didn’t want to buy 3 seperate machines so I found this… The IVI. I am also a backer of the snapmaker A350, because the big size is more usable for CNC, while the IVI is better for printing.

If this printer delivers, this is going to be a major contender to the Prusa Mk3, as they are similarly priced (MSRP); keep up the good work IVI :slight_smile:


I cannot wait to see some more development towards the 3D scanners too. That is something I definitely will want once they are ready to release it down the road.


Hello everyone,

I own an FLSUN QQ Delta printer. One of the major issues in delta printers is the bed leveling.

Can we see a video for the bed leveling procedure and how it copes with bed curvature?



Hi Guys!!

I’m Davide and i’m typing from Italy (are there any other italians?).
I’ve a Anynet A6 3D printer (a clone of the Prusa) and i’m so exited about my first Delta printer with all this capabilities!!

I hope to get the printer as soon as possible to get started to engraving and cnc!!!

Best regards


FLSUN fixed that update roughly a month or so ago. They now use a switch that can be attached on the head like the anycubic predator. Have you seen it already? Fixes the bed levelling issues that machine had.


Hi All,
I currently run a similar printer from SeeMeCNC but have a software glitch that is stopping me from auto calibrating the machine. I am hoping IVI to be a much easier machine to run.

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Hey people, I’m Megan from Louisiana. Never had a 3d printer and I know next to nothing about them. I recently got a laser cutter and I wanted a 3d printer to compliment it. Saw the ad for IVI on YouTube and jumped on it.

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Hello fellow Makers,

I currently own a Robo 3D R1+ and use it mostly for making tools and prop replicas. I’m looking forward to the IVI 3D for it’s versatility and extra features. Having the CNC and Laser will definitely up my game on projects and details.

Can’t wait! :smiley:

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