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Hello, this is my first 3D printer. I’ve been watching the space for years, waiting for the right combination of features, ease of use, and affordability.

IVI ticked all of the boxes for me, and I’m very excited to see what I can accomplish with all of the tools it will make available.

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Just to say HI to everyone here :smiley:


@Bryan Good to see you here too :wink:

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Hello all,
I’m excited to see the IVI come to life!

I currently have a RailCore II 300 ZL, and two Prusa MK3Ss

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Hello All,

Excited about this printer. I have a Tronxy X5S, an Anycubic Kossel delta mini and an ancient original PrintrBot. They work still and get usage from time to time. Looking forward to spending more time with this little guy and its multiple functions.


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My very first 3D printer! The delta design is so cool. But most importantly, ivi’s team dedication for perfection. Glad to be part of ivi’s development!

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Hello everyone!

We primarily use our current 3D printer for game design and prototyping for our clients. We are looking forward to the IVI for precision prints!

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I know what FLSUN did but I want to see how IVI3d handles bed leveling!

Hi, I have a Cetus MK3, a Folgertech FT5 upgraded with Duet WiFi, and a large homemade printer with a smoothieboard. Deltas are cool and the IVI having closed loop controls at this price point is awesome.

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I’m Matt, from the East Coast of the USA. I currently use an Anycubic i3 MEGA FDM printer and an Anycubic Photon resin printer. I mostly print tabletop accessories and miniatures. I’m excited to use not only the 3D printing options of the IVI, but to dive into the CNC and Laser capability. I’ve wanted to get into those realms for a long time, and this is a great way to start!


Hello from NJ, my girlfriend and I dove into the hobby beginning of the year. Currently have a ender3 and slowly mastered all its quirks to print via upgrades/technique. We love making our own things from petg, pla, abs etc for personal hobbies such as making items for our model train layout. Been following ivi before even getting a 3d printer haha. We are both super excited for our ivi’s and using the laser engraving feature as well!
~Brandon & Rachel

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From northwest Montana, United States. This will be my first 3D printer, and I’m hoping to use it to enhance my hobbies: restomodding a '78 Cherokee Chief (for missing small interior pieces, prototyping mods, engraving custom elements) and tabletop gaming (terrain, minis, etc.).


Hello! I’ve been printing for a couple years now. I run a Wanhao Duplicator i3, with only 1 modification; I printed a new cooling system flow attachment. It’s allowed me to get to greater angles then with the stock fan head.

I print mostly Geek movie/tv props. (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, etc).

I love my Wanhao, but was looking for something with a self leveling base, and larger platform. The Camera was a big selling point. This price seemed right and the CNC/Laser / Scan was a cool bonus.


Nice to see you here too :slight_smile:

Hope this community forum will become something big for the 3d printing community

Hello, I have prusa

and couple of xyz davinci printers Jr, pro.
I will be using IVI to print small figures, and hopefully to make some PCB.

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Hi everyone,
here is Tasogare, I’m new to 3d printing and I desperately waiting to my IVI 3D :smiley:


Hi all,
I’m Paul from the UK. I am a hobbyist printer but have also designed and printed some functional products too (which are still working!)
IVI really sparked my interest when I first saw it and couldn’t wait to back the team.

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Hi everyone, I am Jan from the Netherlands.
I am new to 3D printing and very excited about IVI3D and its possibilities.

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@paul_hoskins which part of UK ? I’m living in Poole , Dorset.

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Nice to see you here hahaha

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