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What is current schedule for kickstarter deliveries

Hi, I would like to know the current schedule of deliveries. Is it going to be delayed more than 2 months. When should we expect shipments ?


I am also interested to know.

Hi @jciprian60 @m.salmankhalid29
We are very sorry about the waiting for a new timeline. We wanted to share the news when things are more clear after the testing and the new timeline will be more reliable. Here is a rough plan of how much time is needed for each step in the next few months.

  1. The arrival of 4 new prototypes, by 25 Sep;
  2. Assemble & testing of the 4 new prototypes, 1 month (Apply for FCC/CE/RoHS, Start package design);
  3. Trial production & testing of 20 units, 1 month;
  4. Trial production & testing of 100 units, 1.5 months.

Please note that this is only a rough plan of what we need to do. What makes it difficult for us to be assured of this plan at the moment is the lead time, the yield rate, the quality control, the testing, the SOP, the SIP, etc. and the repeating modifications of these steps.


Respectfully, I want to make sure I understand correctly then. Those in the beta launch rewards will see equipment likely shipping out around or after the start of 2020 instead of the original August and later amended October timeline?

  1. by the end of September
  2. end of October
  3. end of November
  4. middle of January 2020

Assuming Step 4 are the machines for the early adopters.

Please correct me if I am incorrect on these assertion. I understand delays, especially with new products.

Thank you for the information and update.


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Hi Kevin, your understanding is correct. And again this is only a rough plan of what we need to do. We plan to share a more detailed plan after we receive the 4 new prototypes and after we gain more insights about the cooperation with suppliers. We hope it can go smoothly. At the same time, we need to be prepared for any unforeseen difficulties along the way and overcome them. Your understanding and support keep us motivated.


Helen, take whatever time is needed to ensure quality.


Given that you raised over a million dollars (excuse me if my numbers are a little off I have not kept up with this project in a while) more than you originally intended for this project, you aren’t able to expedite this process?

I know in my company Eaton, we worry more about professionalism than our bottom line. When things get closer to promised deadlines. We begin paying for rush production, overnight shipping and overtime to make sure we deliver the product within a reasonable time of the promised deadline.

A 3d printer such as this one is not overly complicated and 90% of your mechanical testing could be done in solid works simulations. All your software testing could be done with 10 printers within a month.

I’m not sure how many engineers you have working for you but for a group of 4 engineers this would be a 2-3 month project max. Taking a year makes me wonder what is actually being done around there.


2020… seriously. That’s not what I signed up for. I appreciate delays can happen and you decided to make changes to the printer not corrective fixes as far as I am aware. I don’t wish to sound rude but how can the new date be trusted when it’s been extended yet again?

I also have a lot of reservations, why was this not forseen ? Most of the stuff you are doing now you new before the kickstarter campaign was over. I do expect a timeline (which is already more than 6+ month delayed) to be clear by now but not vague as in we will know more when we do this or get this. I think it would best to send an update to everyone and tell them when they are expected to receive the printer against there kickstarter contribution whether they are early bird or those who were expected to get it in December.

I am wondering this is looking more and more like what happened to Tiko. More engagement from IVI team would be helpful here.

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Lmao, first time with a kickstarter (or similar crowd funding) I’m guessing? The glowforge came out over 2 years past the initial date. Things happen. I’d love to have my IVI sooner rather than later, but I’d also like a machine that is quality and will last, so let’s not rush them…


Have to agree with @Mfmage. Regardless of IVI’s expectations for delivery, I always apply the KSer principal, which is anything delivered without at least a 6 month delay is a miracle of the gods. IVI is a relatively small team, by manufacturing standards, and I’d rather see them spend our money perfecting the device over time, and actually deliver, with a slower rate of burn and delays, then increase their capabilities and production rate for a cost they’re probably incapable of paying, and then turning around and saying they ran out of funds.

That said it is true that they can’t delay delivery indefinitely, and at some point they’ll burn through even more funding with delays then they would attempting to rush production, but it still somewhat shocks me that people “agree to” and “sign up for” hard set schedules when they’re clearly almost never the normal state of any Kickstarter, especially a hardware one.


I got burned with the Ossic headphones Kickstarter which strung us along for three years, spending $2 million on “advertising”, before going quiet and applying for bankruptcy, taking the R and D with them and getting jobs at established audio companies. I’m surprisingly trusting of the IVI team and not worried by these recalibrated production timelines.


Dear IVIers, thank you for speaking up and leaving your comments here, either your concerns or your supports. They are both more than welcome to be shared with us. This is also what’s this Forum for.

We fully understand and agree with some of the concerns raised by some of you, especially worries about the delays.

Instead of thinking this is rude, what @abrooksdavis worried is exactly what we worried about. This is also why we are being hesitant and trying out best to be very careful about sharing the new schedule with all of you. From our experience in the past few months, we realized that even after thorough consideration, there would still be unexpected delays when working with outside teams. Besides improving & producing the printer, we are also learning how to manage the whole project more effectively and how to avoid unexpected delays as much as we can.

We are also very sorry about the delayed update on the production progress. This Friday, we will share the components for the new prototypes we’ve received so far and a rough new schedule.

Thank you again for your understanding and support so far.


I agree with @Mfmage and @Zeelobby, quality over delivery time. Can’t wait to get my hands on my IVI, but I’ve rather have a great working product and not something that is rushed.

@Helen thanks! Eagerly waiting for that update, in the beginning we received a lot of technical updates, I’m missing that a bit now… :wink:


It’s on the way :rofl:


Like many, I read this timeline update as a bit of a red flag, the first real red flag I’ve seen with the IVI.

And using the time-honored adage of “well, this is kickstarter…” as some level of excuse for a slip in production schedules gets old after awhile. I’ve been involved in KSs that absolutely nailed the dates, and some that slipped a little. “Its a kickstarter…” is not a viable excuse for poor production planning.

I’m still hanging in, and like anyone else, want a quality product, I expect that from a KS vendor whether they hit their dates, or not. Again, saying “I’d rather have the slip than a crap product” is not a justification on its own for a production slip, it should be an expectation for anyone involved.

I appreciate the IVI team’s honesty about delivery schedule, and the next several months is going to be the time for more of this candidness and frequent updates. Kudos to them for past, and hopefully continued, open communication.

I just noticed the mention to 100 machines as the first tier of the production runs. Looking back at the Kickstarter numbers for the beta pledge level there are 199 that bought in to it. So half will get it and the other half are a a second preliminary run before the general production gets going are is the other half of that level being essentially bumped back to the first non-beta buyers?

I agree fully, this is my 2nd kickstarter and from what I have read and you mentioned, not many are done on time. They take time to do upgrades and improvements and I’m not sure what others have read but I saw that they are in fact improvements from the early prototypes. People have no patience when it comes to new companies, they should have gone with an existing printer and not an up and coming one. I can wait to get a nice printer. IVI should send the early prototypes to the complainers so when they get them and they don’t work then they can bitch again.

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Yes please take your time in improving the printer, your efforts and status are greatly appreciated by many of us. Keep us posted as always.