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What is current schedule for kickstarter deliveries

Just curious but is there a way to block feed from incompetent backers that dont understand what a start up company or Kickstarter is?? Or that IVI has been transparent with the issues that have faced, the replays may not be as timely as we would like but this is also a printer that is very different in spec and higher quality than 99% of similar priced printers. YES we all wish that the original timeline was true but the fact is it’s not and we still want a great product and it’s taking longer than what we want. It’s a kickstarter it’s a new product not a cookie cutter printer that is already established that we are getting the newest model of. @Helen @Tiffany thank you for your replies and your hard work.


@jasongw as you can see from there moto the end goal never changes


Hi @bluedragons, thank you for your understanding and support. We will try to be more responsive. And we appreciate your good intention of keeping us away from negative comments. To keep a transparent communication, every backer is free to speak. But any inappropriate remark shouldn’t be displayed, and every member can report it. Let’s make a better community together.


Hi all,

I totally agree with CorvetteClips, having worked in electronics and mechanical design for over 40 years I am very surprised that we are still having to run a second/third batch of prototypes and have not sort out most of the gremlins in Solid Works or any other 3D modelling package.

Software issues could been resolved with the second 10 prototypes and with feed back from the Beat backers, who would expect a few teething problems.

If IVI need help, use some of the money raised to bring in experts instead of struggling from lack of resources and expertise!!

There are lots of companies out there that would be willing to help in both design issues and production delays.

Secondly it seems the BOM changes every few days/weeks with new stepper motors, spindle motors, ad even power connector, all of which should have been source months ago knowing the power needs etc.

I’m actually now wondering if the product will be finalised and put in to production within the next six months or at all, let hope they bite the bullet and do the right thing and get some help.



You realize your CC went to Kickstarter and not IVI, right? As soon as they see that and read through what you’ve actually done rather than what you think you’ve done you’ll have no choice but to ride it out.

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Haha. Can see people are still bitter about a KS being a KS. Just give us the best product possible IVI and I’ll be happy. Delays and all. People are saying hire experts, but experts cost money. And adding 3rd parties would probably reduce your thin profit margins as is. I’d rather see you release your envisioned product in high quality but delayed, then see you release a cut corners product with some other brand slapped on it on time. That’s what KS is all about. I had the option between this and snapmaker, and I went with IVI because of this reason.


Looks like I have had missed out on a lot in this 2-3 months time. hahahaha didnt really follow up with IVI progress, but saw their updates and guess they had made some good progess anyway, with a redesign strucutre and internal :slight_smile:

Delay is normal on KS, if they are a real startup. For those campaign that ended and able to ship the next month, they are not startup, their products are already manufactured and just using KS to sell off their stocks and do marketing.

Well, just would like to say, keep up IVI and provide more updates even though it is just a small progress.

Backers can provide helpful and informative information and suggestions, but IVI, your team needs to make the final decision, for the best of your products and company future.


Long time no see, @Bryan. Hope all is well. Yes, it’s been tough in the past few months. There were difficulties and challenges. But as you said, it is part of a real startup. What’s good is that we are making progress, even though it is not as fast as we all want. We will share the latest progress about the new prototypes soon.


Just to add my support to this, delays of this sort are normal for any startup. The continued communication and obviously dedication to providing a quality product are what will make this successful.


Completely agree. Been in kickstarter for a while, and there are always losers like this regretting their backings and requesting for refunds and spamming everyone, accusing the projects to be scam, etc. It is very frustrating to the project owners being accused of scam.

I’m not saying there aren’t scam projects out there. But you have to know there IS ALWAYS risk backing a start up project, it’s kind of a gamble whether the initiatives will go through even if it is a legitimate one.
If you can’t take the risk, don’t back any kickstarter project in the first place!
Read the f-ing warning when you do the pledge: Kickstarter is not a store!!

It’s pissing me off these losers taking off the early bird spot which I could have taken :joy:

Having said that, I have confidence on IVI team. It is a bummer the deliveries got delayed. But I would rather get the printer late with all the kinks sorted out than getting it on time with flaws or defects.


Just Quoting because it was not addressed by any staff yet.


Hmm… based on latest upate, they should have all the parts including the plastic parts that are supposed to be delivered to them these few days. Then they will assembled and do some testing of the 4 prototypes. We should hear about the 4 prototypes in the end of Oct or beginning of Nov. And see whats next :slight_smile:

If the 4 prototypes testing went well and pass all their standards (fingers-crossed), then I think they will start Beta production and submit for certifications.

I fully agree with you, I can’t stand these people that pledge and plan projects around start up companies and expect to get there item on time. If you are ordering a wallet then yes you should get your item on time since it doesn’t have any mechanical or electrical components. I wish there was a way for them to go away with nothing received and we can move up on the backing, maybe I can get into the early beta followers with them leaving. I will wait patiently while they make all the necessary changes for us to get a great printer, not in a hurry to get a lemon.

As a superbacker I have a good feeling about ivi product. I rather have a good working product then a rushed one. I have seen that kickstarter products rushed are crappy and not the quality many times. Also if you have seen the YouTube from the 3d printing guy who tested it he also said that what he had tested could deviate a lot of the end result. Ivi seems to be a small company but dedicated to produce a good product. As a backer you are rewarded with the first versions but you are investing in their dream and product. So far I see no red flags. They communicate they explain and they even set up a discussion forum. I can tell you that for a creator they do a lot more then the average kickstarter creator. If they wanted to run with our money, they would have done that already. I can only support them as an investor to deliver a product they stand behind. They want a printer easy to use but also reliable so I say go for it show us that kickstarter projects are not always hot air and do what you believe is best.


I once backed a KS that was for a device that was supposed to improve sound in music, movies, etc. We waited and waited and backers were getting upset. The project owners were less than communicative and there were lots of cries for refunds. When I finally got my device (some backers still haven’t), it wouldn’t work as described. I had friends test it for themselves and they came back unimpressed. Then, the internal battery, that wasn’t replaceable, stopped taking a charge.
IVI, take your time. Get it to be the device you see in your thoughts. Work out the kinks until it’s a 3D printer for the ages. Then send it out to us. Anyone who has ever been involved in R&D understands that what starts out drawn on a napkin rarely resembles that drawing when it’s finished. And the place we indicated we all wanted one is Kickstarter, not Amazon.


@Bartcg @jblogref Thank you so much for your support and understanding. Taking as little time as possible to produce a good product is a lot of pressure. We understand that some backers are getting concerned about the delay and we should take responsibility for that. Be it support & understanding or concerns & worries, all the feedback from you gives us the motive and responsibility to achieve what we all wanted – a high-quality printer. More pictures of the prototypes will be shared next week. :smiley:


@jasongw This is not webshop pre-order, this is Kickstarter! How you can rely and schedule productivity plans based on something you pledged on Kickstarter? You got lesson.

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How do you do ?
Are you fine after the disease ?
We don t have any news from a moment.
Could you tell us how it is in china now ?

Hi @patmaug, we are all safe and sound. We are striving to return to the normal life step by step. We expect to receive the prototype this week, it was delayed because of the COVID-19. Then we will start wiring and testing. We will publish an update after the work is done.

Besides the influence of COVID-19, we are also investigating and analyzing the status and focus of our software R&D plan as many of you have mentioned the safety and privacy of uploading the model to our server, there might be some changes. News about the software will be shared as well once the decision is made. Meanwhile, please stay home and stay healthy.


Thanks for thèse good News.
Still Stay safe, everything one.

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