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What is the best way to learn 3D printing and how to use the IVI?

Hello everyone,
I’m really new to 3D printing and I’m sure a lot of people who will get the IVI will be too, so I figured it would be helpfull to gather the most crucial sources of info on how to 3D model specifically for printing, how to set up your file, how to set up the printer, what is the best way to print etc… a really comprehensive guide on how to print from A to Z

You can get this infos on the internet but it’s a bit all over the place, so I propose to drop the best links you have for real beginners, I’ll update this thread with what you propose.
Thanks in advance !


Download Cura.

Get a Thingiverse account.

Pick something cool, download it, and figure out slicing.

If you are really gung ho, see if there is a makerspace with a printer and check out/ask to see how they print.

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Lynda.com is a site that has tons of video tutorials for various programs. They have classes you can take and a whole 3D printing course. It does cost money, however most public libraries offer a free subscription if you have an active library card!

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I am used to working in sketchup to make plans/models for my woodworking activities :slight_smile: I would love to lurn more about using sketchup to create models for 3d printing or laser cutting/engraving. What would really help is to understand:

  1. What is the workflow (3D model, slicing, gcode, transfer to tool?)
  2. What software is available for the various steps
  3. What do I need to take into account in the various steps to enable a smooth printing process in the end.

Does anybody have knowledge or knowledge resources on this stuff? Maybe a basic Q&A for at least points 1 and 2 from the IVI group would help a lot of people already.

I’d say your work flow looks about right.
Fusion 360 is what I use. It’s free to hobbyists, though you have to go through menus. Pretty sure sketchup works too. Most CAD software has the capabilities to export as. .stl file, which is the current standard (but not only file type) used by slicers.

Here are some slicers. I personally like Cura, but I certainly haven’t tried everything.

IVI is going to be based on Marlin code by the sounds of it, which is great.

Answering 3 is really not easy. It all depends on the model and also the printer. My suggestion is pretty much to gain experience. Start with something like #Benchy which is kind of a stress test. This will probably not work out great the first few times, and will help determine weak esses in the printer. There are other benchmarking prints too. Start with something that is made to be printed without any supports. From my experiences with the few 3d printers I’ve used is they all have their own quirks. IVI will too.

One good way to learn before you ever get your hands on the printer is to watch some YouTube videos. I personally like Makers Muse. He articulates some of the finer points and has some good tutorials from care/maintenance up to 3d designing and printer settings.


First Go to the nearest makerplace and learn with the ones who knows. Then continue with YouTube Tuto, and simplify3D.com Manual when you make your firsts prints. Enjoy printing but keep in mind it don t work EveryTime as good as you want

Hi nchaussois, here is an article from All3DP that I think worth sharing with all of you. Hope you find it useful.