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Will the prices of ad-ons rise after release?

Hi, I understand you guys have priorities and will need to get this thing working in the first place and shipped to everyone in mass but I have been contemplating the adons that you can buy part of the printer. I personally would like all of them but I want to make sure ivi 3d succeeds in the delivery of the ad-ons first. Do you think it’s better to wait to buy the ad-ons or just go ahead and buy them now if there is a strong likely hood of ivi 3d delivering and the addons are going to raise in price.
Thanks awesome stuff is being done here and I hope this works!

If you can afford it, it is always better to buy as an addon via backer kit before it goes to main production. Once you have your backer kit you will see the sale price and crossed out regular price. Such as a print head is $39 in backerkit but regularly will be listed at $45.

Also the more pre-orders they get and money in (assuming they did correct analysis of pricing beforehand) the better off the company will be to succeed, because initial costs get better absorbed with larger batch sizes. Machining new tools and testing prototypes are very expensive at a factory level Especially due to time input. So being able to absorb that cost over 1000 units instead of 100 units cuts that cost by a factor of ten.