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Will there be a recipe book

I was wondering if you will create a recipe book with different colors and brand of filament and the best setting for printing them. So they when people start a new project they can look to see the best filament types brands and printer settings for there project


Perhaps just set the way and assign an overseer so the community can fill it

This is a great idea. At least put all the test print data in one document.

@jacob1 @huston5411 We plan to include the printing settings for the filament we tested in the printer. The details and how it’s going to work still need more planning and testing when the prototypes are ready.

Thank you very much. I think that having some information like that about the difference between different filament is a good idea.

Good news. What would be a nice addition would be a short description of the thinking and experience/tests behind the final settings for each piece.

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A database of filaments on the market and successfull IVI settings is a great idea. It can be a simple list with upper &lower temp & tested print speed. This would really help IVI owners start off with a greater initial success rate and better initial prints.